Is there a Subnautica Below Zero multiplayer mod?

Subnautica is an often lonely and terrifying underwater survival game. The same goes for its new standalone expansion, Subnautica Below Zero, which has some players hoping for a multiplayer mode. Since there’s no official online multiplayer or local split-screen support, can users add online functionality with a modification? Here’s the latest on a Subnautica Below Zero multiplayer mod for PC.

Does Subnautica Below Zero have a Nitrox multiplayer mod?

Subnautica Below Zero multiplayer mod

The original Subnautica features an online co-op modification called “Nitrox,” which is an unofficial multiplayer mode. At the time of writing, there is no Subnautica Below Zero multiplayer mod to download and install on PC. It’s possible that a Below Zero Nitrox mod will launch in the future.

Subnautica community member Sunrunner is still working on the original Nitrox modification. Although there’s been no confirmation, it’s possible that Sunrunner could turn their attention to developing a Subnautica Below Zero Nitrox mod once the original is complete.

Fans of Subnautica are already clamoring for a Below Zero multiplayer component, and that demand is unlikely to have fallen on deaf ears. With the ongoing success of the Nitrox mod, it seems reasonable to assume that modders will step up to the challenge of integrating online play into the new Subnautica game.

Although Below Zero spent a long time in Early Access, the final version only just came out. Adding multiplayer to the standalone Subnautica expansion is an ambitious project, so it’ll almost certainly take some time. Although it’s hard, exercise patience and that could well be rewarded with an eventual Subnautica Below Zero MP mode.

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