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Resident Evil 2 Leon Desk Lock Codes Puzzle Solution

You’ll find Leon’s Desk in the West Office on the first floor of the RPD in Resident Evil 2 remake. Leon’s desk is locked with two combination locks, and you’ll have to solve a small puzzle to get inside of it. While it’s not necessary to solve this puzzle to finish the game, the item inside of the desk will help you tremendously on your journey through RE2 remake.

What is the Combination for the Locks on Leon Desk Puzzle in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon's Desk Location

To unlock Leon’s desk in Resident Evil 2 remake, you have to open two combination locks. Each lock has a three letter combo you must enter to get inside Leon’s desk. The key to figuring out the codes for the locks is not to overthink it. Everything you need to solve this puzzle is within a few steps from Leon’s desk.

The clue to solving this puzzle is right on Leon’s desk in the file:

“Rookie’s First Assignment

Leon S. Kennedy, we’re putting you on a very special case for your first assignment.

Your mission is…to unlock your desk! The key to your success is in the initials of our first names. Input the letters in order of our desks.

There are 2 locks—1 on each side of your desk. Make sure you get them both.

Basically, your first task is to remember your fellow officers’ names, but you figured that much out, right?

Good luck, Leon.

By the way, it might take a little work to get Scott to give you a straight answer.

Lieutenant Branagh

(Scrawled in a corner between drops of blood)

Be glad you’re not here, rookie.”

The file pretty much spells it out for you. You need to find the first names of each of the six officers whose desks are adjacent to Leon’s. Luckily, they all have nameplates on or around their desks to help you out.

How to Unlock the Left Lock on Leon’s Desk in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon's Desk Puzzle Left Lock Names

If you’re facing Leon’s desk, on the left side from farthest desk to the nearest you have:

  1. Neil Carlsen
  2. Elliot Edward
  3. David Ford

The combo lock on the left has the following ranges available for each part of the combo:

  1.  K-P
  2. A-F
  3. A-F

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Desk Puzzle Left Lock Combo

We know that D can’t be the first letter since you can’t put that as the first letter of the combo, so the code to unlock the left lock on Leon’s desk much be NED.

How to Unlock the Right Lock on Leon’s Desk in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon's Desk Puzzle Right Lock Names

If you face Leon’s desk, the following officers sit to the right from farthest desk to closest:

  1. George Scott
  2. Rita Phillips
  3. Marvin Branagh

You can’t input the code from farthest to nearest this time though. You’ll notice that G (for George) can’t be input in the first position on the right lock.

The possible inputs for the right lock are:

  1. K-P
  2. R-U
  3.  F-K

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Desk Puzzle Right Lock Combo

So, by deduction, you’ll know that M (for Marvin) goes in the first slot, which makes this code MRG.

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What’s in Leon’s Desk in Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Resident Evil 2 Remake Inside Leon's Desk

For solving the combo to the locks on Leon’s Desk in Leon’s scenario, you’ll get an upgrade for your handgun. The High-Capacity Magazine for the Matilda increases the amount of ammo you can load into your pistol from 12 to 24 rounds.

Resident Evil 2 Remake High-Capacity Mag

This is very helpful early on in the game when your handgun is your primary sidearm and ammo for other weapons is scarce. You also get a small bonus when you install it: a full magazine of ammo. Make sure your handgun is almost empty when you combine the High-Capacity Magazine with the Matilda, and you’ll notice that you have a full magazine of handgun rounds. You can’t shake a stick at 24 free bullets, especially not in this game.

Resident Evil 2 remake Leon's Desk Claire

For unlocking the desk in Claire’s scenario you get an upgrade for Claire’s revolver. The Speedloader for the SLS 60 drastically increases the reload rate for the revolver.

Resident Evil 2 remake SLS 60 Speedloader

In a 1st run this item is almost essential since you’ll be using the SLS 60 for a good chunk of the game. Since the revolver has a capacity of only five rounds you’ll find yourself reloading often, but the speedloader makes this a minor inconvenience instead of a life-and-death situation.