Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

What is the Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, much like other video games around this time of year, have a festive update that makes a few tweaks to the first person shooter title. A Black Ops 4 holiday event update was recently patched in by Treyarch, so what can we expect to see from the Black Ops 4 holiday event update?

What is the Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update?

Treyarch took to the game’s Reddit page to reveal what players can expect from the winter themed patch for Black Ops 4. Via a Reddit post on December 20, the development team explained the subtle changes and extra game modes that people could enjoy during the festive period.

A series of bugs and glitches have been fixed in numerous game modes as part of this patch, but what else has become part of these winter-themed changes?

Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update – Blackout Changes

Players can use tactical snowballs to attack their enemies with during this limited timed event. These do damage to other players, and Treyarch wants to see players use them, especially to get the last kill in Blackout. Festive lights and decorations will be seen across a variety of the mode’s maps too, while holiday-themed supply stashes will rain down from the air.

Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update – Zombies Winter Calling

Players can tackle a series of unique challenges to unlock a new round of exclusive cosmetic items to use in Zombies mode. Players interested in these challenges can view them at the Barracks tab, and these can be used alongside your usual Daily Challenges to rank your character up faster, as well as earn new cosmetics and weapons.

Black Ops 4 Holiday Event Update – Winter Event Stream

Finally, players can make use of new Warpaints and Gestures in Blackout and Multiplayer modes thanks to the in-game Black Market winter event stream. People can unlock new content as they progress through new tiers for their soldier of choice. Any new unlocked goodies can be picked up in the Black Market’s Contraband section.