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Atlas v5.9 Patch Notes – What’s Been Fixed?

Atlas v5.9 is the one. I can feel it. Maybe. The sea-faring game from Studio Wildcard has hit its fair share of bumps on the open seas already but with random spawn bugs, beds not spawning, performance issues, and more being fixed, the Atlas v5.9 patch notes, as well as the long, long list of changes made to the game in recent days, might just help.

Atlas v5.9 Patch Notes – What’s Been Fixed?

As posted on the Atlas forums, Studio Wildcard has zeroed in on three areas of improvement in this latest update:

  • Performance related fixes
  • Random spawns
  • Beds and boats “not being selectable”

All three of these have been major issues for players since launch. Understandably, anything performance-related is the first port of call. Atlas has been (sea)dogged by crashes and freezes for thousands of players, with seemingly no end in sight. Both clients and servers will be affected by the change, but no specific details have been mentioned.

More troublingly for some, players were frequently having to change character or having their character spawn in places where they had either never visited or an area which they hadn’t logged out from. With Atlas v5.9, that should all be changed; no longer will you have to grapple with a new location every time you log in, according to the patch notes. It’s not the biggest problem that Atlas has to change, but at least the developers are listening to potentially game-breaking bugs.

Finally, if you’re missing boats or beds on your screen, updating your server client should (operative word: should) see that problem sorted out. You’ll also be able to select them now so you can rest/ride in them if you couldn’t before. That, when coupled with the rest of the patch notes found here, should make the game at least a little more bearable for now.