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Fallout 76 Kill Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls – Location, Weaknesses, and More

There are plenty of quests to get on with in Fallout 76, including the Fallout Unruly Guests quest. This has you locating and killing ten Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls. Read on to discover exactly how to complete the Fallout 76 kill Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls quest. We’ve covered their locations, weaknesses, and more below.

Fallout 76 Kill Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls Location

Fallout 76 Kill Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls

You will be granted access to the Unruly Guests quest as soon as you find and enter Whitesprings. This is in the central south section of Appalachia. Once you have the quest activated, it will circle the area of the map you’ll want to head to in order to find the Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls in Fallout 76. Specifically, however, you should find the Golfer Ghouls located only within and around the Whitespring Golf Club. We’ve highlighted the area in the map above.

The trouble is, those pesky Golfer Ghouls are rare blighters. You just might have to reload into different servers a few times before you can find and kill all ten of the things. Try heading just outside of the yellow highlighted area to find some if you’re having trouble. You will likely find only 2 or three in any one server if you’re lucky.

Fallout 76 Kill Unruly Golfer Feral Ghouls – How to Complete

As stated above, you’ll need to find and kill ten Golfer Ghouls in order to complete the Unruly Guests quest. Unfortunately, however, the things are very rare. Not normal Feral Ghouls, the Golfer Ghouls are dressed in golfing gear and clothing. Killing hundreds of any other type of Feral Ghoul simply won’t work.

While the Golfer Ghouls are very rare, they aren’t particularly different from other Ghouls in terms of stats. Our advice on how best to kill them once you (eventually) find them isn’t too in-depth, however. You’ll simply have to kill the Golfer Ghouls in any of the same ways you’d go about killing any Feral Ghouls in Fallout 76. Bullets and lots of them.

There have been reports that you cannot complete the Unruly Guests quest in Fallout 76 on console. We’d recommend giving it a go with our guide, and if your counter doesn’t go up, shoot Bethesda a message either on its official support forum or via social media.