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All Biomutant Automaton appearances and locations

Throughout the game, the player has the ability to change their Biomutant Automaton appearance and customize their little robot buddy during its campaign. These are tied to the Biomutant Old World Knowledge questline, which makes it possible to find all the Automaton customization options in the game. Here are all the Biomutant Automaton appearances and how to get them.

How to change Automaton appearance in Biomutant

Biomutant Automaton Appearance

In order to change the Automaton’s appearance, the player has to have unlocked one of 10 new skin options for the robot, which are collected as part of the Old World Knowledge questline. This quest consists of finding multiple noticeboards around the world, examining them, and then finding the treasure the Automaton is pointing towards.

Here are the noticeboard locations to find all Biomutant Automaton appearances:

  • Whereabouts: Bricktown
  • Whereabouts: Chugyard
  • Whereabouts: Suburbia
  • Whereabouts: Subnautica Station
  • Yerpfields: Surf Hurdle
  • Yerpfields: Sparkplant
  • Yerpfields: Gnoat Farm
  • Yerpfields: Chugdepot
  • Kluppy Dunes: Blimpstation
  • Kluppy Dunes: Sludge Deodorizum
  • Kluppy Dunes: Aerodome
  • Fnackyleaves: Fume Foundry
  • Fnackyleaves: Surfsurge Factory
  • Knupstones: Sludgegush Fields
  • Surfipelago: Manufactorium

There are 15 noticeboards in total around Biomutant, although there are only 10 Automaton skins to unlock so the remaining five will get the player different rewards. The bad news is that the robot skin received for completing each quest is completely random, so if the player is after a specific Automaton appearance — say, the Meow Automaton that turns it into a cat — they have to continue finding these noticeboards and completing the quests until they get the one they want.

All different Biomutant Automaton appearances list

  • Automaton (default appearance)
  • Smutti Automaton
  • Meow Automaton
  • Tokik Automaton
  • Knorl Automaton
  • Kwak Automaton
  • Muss Automaton
  • Newt Automaton
  • Liz Automaton
  • Muka Automaton
  • Bugeye Automaton

If you want to try Biomutant for free, here’s the best way to do that right now, especially in the absence of a demo. While Biomutant has been more than a little divisive amongst reviewers, our reviewer was a lot more positive about Biomutant, calling it a “spectacular furry apocalypse.” You can check out our review right here.