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Is there a Biomutant demo on PC, PS4, or Xbox?

The game’s release is just next week but gamers are hoping for a Biomutant demo in order to try the eagerly-anticipated open-world game out. The game’s been a long time in development, with there even being rumors of it getting canceled at one point, and many people still aren’t sure what it’s all about. A Biomutant playable demo on PC, PS4, or Xbox One would help a lot with that, but is there going to be one?

Will there be a Biomutant demo released?

Biomutant demo

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to try out Biomutant before its release date, there is no playable demo and developer Experiment 101 currently has no plans to release one. The only way to try out Biomutant without paying full price is through subscribing to EA Play Pro, as the game will be available on EA’s service from the game’s release date onwards.

Experiment 101 and publisher THQ Nordic have stated that their reasons for not creating a playable demo for Biomutant are that “with an open-world game it is quite tricky to limit what you can access via a demo,” so they decided not to create one and instead focused on getting the full game out the door. The lack of a demo is also a bit unfortunate because there is no early access for Biomutant either, so everyone who’s interested in the game will have to wait until the release date of Tuesday, May 25, and either pay full price or subscribe to EA Play Pro.

While there is no early access available for Biomutant pre-order customers, there is a pre-order bonus in the form of the Mercenary class, a fact that has received some criticism from gamers. Furthermore, don’t expect to be playing the game multiplayer next week since Biomutant doesn’t have any online or offline multiplayer modes.