Biomutant dev begs early players to not share spoilers

Some players seem to have received early access to Biomutant, despite the game’s release date being next week. People who have been given or received any of these Biomutant early copies may be sharing spoilers and gameplay impressions online, and developer Experiment 101 is asking them not to spoil the game for other people. But how are these players getting their copies early?

Is there a Biomutant early access release?

Biomutant Early Access

Whether anyone is buying Biomutant by pre-ordering or picking up any of the several expensive special editions of the game, there is no form of early access for the eagerly anticipated title available. The only way to get hold of Biomutant before the May 25 release date is to be one of the lucky people who managed to get a physical copy early, which they can play right away.

Biomutant’s developer Experiment 101 isn’t too concerned about people playing its game early, but it did take to Twitter to request those early players not to post spoilers or footage before the game comes out next week.

The developer added a special note there for content creators who were allowed to stream part of the game early and so have access to the full game. Presumably, there were embargo restrictions in place to manage how much of Biomutant streams such as PewDiePie’s were allowed to show, and the developer requests those people not to stream beyond those embargo restrictions.

While there is no early access available for Biomutant pre-order customers, there is a pre-order bonus in the form of the Mercenary class, a fact that has received some criticism. Furthermore, don’t expect to be playing the game multiplayer next week since Biomutant doesn’t have any online or offline multiplayer modes.