Biomutant special editions revealed, costing up to $399.99

THQ Nordic has revealed a couple of Biomutant special editions via its official website, the likes of which are now available for preorder. The upcoming post-apocalyptic action-adventure title, developed by Experiment 101, is referred to as a “Kung-Fu fable.” Players will aim to reunite divided tribes and engage in third-person combat while utilizing melee strikes, ranged weaponry, and unique mutant abilities to fight off aggressors. If that sounds like something to your particular liking, then you might want to purchase either the game’s Atomic Edition or Collector’s Edition.

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There’s quite a disparity between the two, in terms of both pricing and contents, so be sure to get the rundown of both below in order to make the right decision for you.

Collector’s Edition | $109.99 for PC, $119.99 for PS4 and Xbox One

Biomutant special editions Collector's Edition

Weighing in at the more affordable end of the spectrum is the Biomutant Collector’s Edition, which includes the game, a figurine depicting its protagonist, an A1-sized fabric art print, and a soundtrack CD. It all comes packaged together in a “premium” box.

Atomic Edition | $399.99 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Biomutant special editions Atomic Edition

Almost four times as costly is the Atomic Edition, which also includes the game, an A1 fabric artwork, the soundtrack CD, and premium packaging. Additionally, it boasts a steelbook case to hold the game disc, a t-shirt in L/XL size, an “oversized” mouse pad measuring a substantial 80cm/31″ x 35cm/14″, and a “high detail” diorama. The statue captures a dynamic, mid-combat moment as the game’s hero slices through the weapon of a much larger foe, emitting electric bolts in the process. Its dimensions are 60cm/23″ long, 25cm/10″ wide, and 30cm/12″ tall.

Expecting gamers to splash such large amounts of cash on special editions for a new, unproven IP—to which they don’t yet have any attachment—is perhaps wishful thinking, especially when functional inclusions like the t-shirt and mouse mat might be too large for some players. With that said, players excited about the new release certainly have a few options when it comes to picking up a Biomutant special edition bundle.