Destroy All Humans Remake collector’s editions announced: Crypto 137 and DNA

Publisher THQ Nordic has revealed two Destroy All Humans Remake collector’s editions via the game’s official website. The pair of pricey special edition packages, which will launch alongside the standard physical and digital download versions, are titled the Crypto 137 Edition and DNA Collector’s Edition. Available across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, the packages feature everything from a backpack based on extraterrestrial protagonist Crypto to a squeezable anti-stress toy.

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Fans of 2005’s PS2 and Xbox game have been requesting a remaster for a long time, with the franchise having been left on the shelf since 2008 sequel Path of the Furon, but THQ Nordic and developer Black Forest Games (Rogue Stormers, Fade to Silence) are set to take things a step further with a full remake launching next year. Anyone that wants to go all-in on the anticipated release can opt for either of the special editions detailed below.

DNA Collector’s Edition, $149.99

Destroy All Humans Remake DNA Collector's Edition

The $149.99 DNA Collector’s Edition includes the game, a keychain modeled on Crypto’s head, 6 lithographs, all in-game skins, an “eye-popping” anti-stress alien toy, a “Crypto’N’Cow Figurine” measuring approximately 23cm/9″ tall, and a “premium” box to accommodate everything.

Crypto 137 Edition, $399.99

Destroy All Humans Remake Crypto 137 Edition

The more expensive $399.99 Crypto 137 Edition once again includes the game, keychain, stress toy, lithographs, all in-game skins, and a premium box. In place of the Crypto’N’Cow statue, however, purchasers will receive a larger figurine measuring approximately 60cm/23″ high and 30cm/12″ diagonal, which depicts series mascot Crypto-137. As an added bonus, there’s also a Crypto backpack which makes it look as though you’re giving the character a piggyback ride.

Whether you’ll be opting for one of the game’s special edition packages or not, anybody seeking to destroy all humans as an intergalactic threat can get their hands on Destroy All Humans Remake when it launches in 2020 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If it does well, maybe we’ll see the same treatment given to its sequel.