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How to fix Biomutant Mercenary class not showing up

The Biomutant Mercenary class is not showing up for some players, with the pre-order bonus not appearing despite them having access to it. So where is the Mercenary class, and how do you fix this issue?

Biomutant Mercenary class not showing up fix

The Biomutant Mercenary class is a separate download, so if it is not showing up for you then — on PS5 at least — you can download it by pressing the Options button on the Game Card, then ‘Manage Game Content.’ The Mercenary class DLC will be listed as ‘Not installed.’ You will be able to download the pre-order bonus from there. Restart the game, and now it should be available to play.

However, on other platforms where this isn’t possible such as PS4, the pre-order bonus may not appear at all. Fortunately, publisher THQ Nordic is looking into this issue. The company stated on Twitter that players should reply to them with their affected platform, as they are currently working on a fix.

With some players having reinstalled the entire game only to find the Mercenary class pre-order bonus still missing, it’s a frustrating issue for those who wanted to play as the bonus class from the get-go. While THQ Nordic is currently looking into it, players will inevitably have already started playing as a different class — and as there is no way to change class after starting the game, this is an issue.

Still, as THQ Nordic is on the case, hopefully these pre-orders bonuses will roll out sooner rather than later. It was already a controversial decision to lock an entire class behind a paywall, so it not working at all at launch is a problem that needs fixing.

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