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Can you change Biomutant class after starting the game?

Is it possible to change Biomutant class after the opening? There are several Biomutant classes and the player picks one during the character creation screen at the start of the game, but what if the player doesn’t get along with the class they’ve chosen? Does that mean they have to restart the game or be stuck with it until the end? Here’s the answer.

Is a Biomutant class change possible during the game?

change Biomutant class

There is no way to change a character’s class in Biomutant after the opening character creator screen.

While there is a lot of freedom in Biomutant’s gameplay, any player wanting to alter their class during the main story is out of luck and will have to restart their game if they’re really not getting along with a class.

There are five main classes in Biomutant: Dead-Eye, Commando, Psi-Freak, Saboteur, and Sentinel. Picking a class provides a specific opening loadout, as well as an exclusive class Perk. The Psi-Freak will also have the Spark Ball mutation unlocked from the start. There is actually a sixth class called the Mercenary, which is a pre-order exclusive bonus a fact that has received some criticism from gamers. The Mercenary’s Perks are a mix of the ones for the other five classes. However, don’t expect to be able to change a class after the character creation screen, so make sure that choice is made carefully.

It’s also sadly impossible to try out a particular class before release since Biomutant doesn’t have a playable demo, and there isn’t one planned. Furthermore, there is no early access of any kind so there’s only the main game releasing tomorrow to try out any of these classes. Finally, don’t expect to be playing the game multiplayer next week since Biomutant doesn’t have any online or offline multiplayer modes either.