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Biomutant Level Cap: What is the max rank?

As in most RPGs, Biomutant players level up their custom character to grow in power while attaining new skills and abilities. All good things must come to an end, though, and it’s no different here. Eventually, players will hit the Biomutant level cap and stop earning Upgrade Points. Here’s the need-to-know on the maximum rank achievable across PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

What is the max Biomutant level cap?

Biomutant level cap

The max Biomutant level cap is level 50.

After achieving the top rank and capping out at level 50, Biomutant players stop leveling up. This means no more stat boosts and Upgrade Points to earn alongside each level up, so hopefully, users are content with their final level 50 build.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to change class after starting the game. If it were, players could potentially switch to a totally new build and start the leveling process all over again. Although it isn’t possible to do this on an existing character, of course, users are free to start another playthrough and begin to level up once more.

In a similar vein, players might wonder if it’s possible to respec in Biomutant. This isn’t doable either, regrettably, so always choose how to invest each Upgrade Point carefully. The developer, Experiment 101, is currently placing all of its focus on “delivering the best game possible.” While this means there’s no DLC currently in the works, it could indicate that quality of life changes are on the way. It’s only possible to speculate right now, but features like respeccing and changing class could arrive in a future update.

Until then, starting the adventure anew is the only way to take each class to the highest level in Biomutant. At least multiple playthroughs provide a reason to check out each of the difficulty settings — here’s how they differ.