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Biomutant Respec: Can you reset Upgrade, Biogenetic, and Psi skill points?

Biomutant respec option would be a killer way of changing up builds and trying something new. With so many different moves and abilities to invest Upgrade, Biogenetic, and Psi skill points into, being able to reset skills would make a lot of players happy. Here’s the need-to-know on skill points respec in Biomutant.

Can you respec skill points in Biomutant?

Biomutant Respec

No, you can’t respec skill points in Biomutant.

Players will want to carefully consider where they invest Upgrade, Biogenetic, and Psi skill points. There is no way to reset these and get the points back. Instead, players will need to earn more points to unlock their desired abilities.

On the bright side, players are able to bank their skill points to use later. Those unsure what moves they want to unlock may wish to wait until later in the game to where saved skill points can be traded in to access more advanced abilities.

While Biomutant doesn’t allow players to respec, the game does encourage multiple playthroughs with its light and dark options and different options within missions. It’s likely that keen players will replay the game at least once, allowing the opportunity to create a totally different mutant and unlock entirely different abilities.

Of course, it’s always a possibility that the devs will add more features to the game after launch. Should enough players request it, and the devs deem it possible and worthwhile, perhaps a Biomutant respec option will be patched in later down the line.

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