THQ Nordic slammed for Biomutant reviews tweet

The game is out now but a Biomutant reviews tweet from publisher THQ Nordic has caused controversy amongst Twitter users, as at first glance it seemingly looks to be mocking the opinions of reviewers. While the THQ Nordic Twitter account has clarified that this is not the case, fans continue to be upset about this Biomutant tweet and are voicing their own negative opinions about it across social media.

Why was the Biomutant reviews tweet so controversial?

Biomutant reviews

The controversial tweet from THQ Nordic was a response to the Biomutant account about the reviews for the game being in. The THQ Nordic tweet showed off quotes from two different reviews, one from Metacritic and the other from PCGamesN, with completely polar opposite opinions on the game’s world design and combat.

While THQ Nordic later clarified that the post “was only meant to highlight the different opinions people can have about pretty much anything,” this has not stopped a lot of Twitter users from being upset and perceiving that the tweet was seemingly mocking these reviews.

While many people agree that the tweet wasn’t meant to be hostile, even if the tweet was not meant to be mocking some are concerned that highlighting specific reviews and reviewers’ opinions gives fuel to trolls seeking to attack them.

Some users, including Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, went so far as to highlight the disastrous AMA THQ Nordic held on 8chan back in 2019, which the publisher was forced to issue an apology over.

The tweet remains up at the time of writing. It’s certainly not the only controversy Biomutant has endured, as THQ Nordic received criticism for putting one of the game’s classes as a pre-order exclusive bonus, and now players are even having trouble even accessing the Mercenary class.

Our reviewer was a lot more positive about Biomutant, calling it a “spectacular furry apocalypse.” You can check out our review right here.