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Biomutant: Best Resistance to have

There are a lot of options in the game’s character creator but what is the Biomutant best Resistance to get? There are five main Biomutant Resistances to choose from, with each giving the player more time before they get affected by various types of environmental damage. What is the best Biomutant Resistance to get at the start, and can more be added or upgraded later?

What is the best Resistance to get in Biomutant?

Biomutant best Resistance

The best Biomutant Resistance to get at the start is the Biohazard Resistance.

While all the options are useful, the best Biomutant Resistance to get at the start is Biohazard. At the very beginning of the game, the player will encounter multiple locations afflicted with Biohazard environments, so having a 25% Resistance to this particular hazard is incredibly useful and a life-saver.

There are five Resistance bonuses the player can equip for the hazardous zones around Biomutant: Biohazard, Heat, Cold, Radioactivity, and Hypoxia. While it’s possible to spend Resistance points in the game’s character creator on a mix, buffing a character’s Biohazard Resistance will prove the best to start Biomutant with. As for the rest of the game, the player can find plenty of Resistance boosters later on attached to various bits of Gear, so they can have more than just Biohazard Resistance on a current character.

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