PSA: Play the divisive Biomutant ‘free’ to see if it’s for you

THQ Nordic and Experiment 101’s new RPG, Biomutant, is proving to be critically divisive. Naturally, that has consumers unsure on whether or not to make a purchase. With the right subscription, however, users can download and play Biomutant at no extra cost. As a result, there’s no better way for players to find out if this ambitious “kung-fu fable” is worth playing.

How to get Biomutant for ‘free’

Biomutant EA Play Pro free on PC

EA Play Pro subscribers can download and play Biomutant “free” on PC. Those with an active subscription get Biomutant via Origin without spending a single additional cent.

Biomutant is “a spectacular furry apocalypse” in the eyes of some, but other players aren’t nearly as keen; reviews are “all over the map” by the dev team’s own admission. Although many gamers are applauding the honesty in acknowledging this, several people have taken issue with what they perceive to be a mocking tone.

Whether or not individuals buy into the Biomutant social media controversy, one sentiment is objectively correct. Anyone sat on the fence receives encouragement to “play the game and see for [themselves],” which is the only way to know for sure. It’s obviously not that simple due to the involvement of monetary risk, but Biomutant’s EA Play Pro inclusion does help to mitigate the issue.

Even for PC gamers without an active subscription, EA Play Pro is just $15 a month. Finishing Biomutant within that timeframe shouldn’t prove too challenging — without playing like an idiot, anyway — which essentially means that the full game is available to experience at 75% off the $60 launch price.

As an added bonus, Experiment 101 doesn’t currently have Biomutant DLC plans. The team is focusing on “delivering the best game possible,” so those that get a foot in the door via EA Play Pro aren’t likely to miss out on additional content anytime soon.