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Atlas v7.0 Update Patch Notes – What’s Been Fixed?

Atlas v7.0 is already here. Yup, it’s been a lightning-fast launch for the high seas sim that’s seen its fair share of bumps along the way. The Atlas v7.0 patch notes detail a new cosmetic item for players to flaunt, a handful of damage nerfs and buffs, as well as the much-touted performance fixes. There’s even a skill point change for those looking to tweak how their character plays.

Atlas v7.0 – Cosmetics

Drumroll please. Atlas has already introduced its first cosmetic item: the top hat. Obtainable from Cosmetic Vendors and Travelling Merchants, you can use the top hat to good effect when digging for gold. Namely, you’ll get double the cash if you’re wearing it, though you can only use it up to 10 times. The top hat is only around until Wednesday, January 2, too, so be sure to get a move on if you want to become a stylish seadog with a sartorial kick.

Atlas v7.0 – Damage Nerfs

Ahh, it burns! Well, maybe not quite as much anymore. Both Torch and Fire Arrow damage have been significantly reduced, while all ship collision damage is now gone from Freeport servers to ensure smooth sailing for those who don’t want a PvP twist to their pirating. Probably for the best.

Atlas v7.0 – Bug Fixes

Oh, right. The bugs. How could we forget? Server performance should, according to the developers, now be improved. There’s even an option to boot the game up in “Low Memory” mode for those with fewer than 8 GB of RAM, which should hopefully iron out a few of the irritating kinks that have cropped up on the game.

Elsewhere, a bunch of items, such as bottles and flotsams, are now guaranteed to spawn, whereas previously they were a little fickle about when they’d show up on your screen. Other watery wonders such as squids, mermaids, and player resources have also received the same fix, hopefully making for a better all-round experience when it comes to, y’know, actually playing the game.

Atlas v7.0 – Skill Point Changes

Here’s the possible biggun, depending on if it gets changed immediately after going live, which is a distinct possibility in Atlas. The patch notes outline “Rebalanced Skill Point requirements as originally intended, where higher tier skills cost more SP. Forced a one-time ‘free’ respec to use these new values,” whereas the reality appears far more troubling. Skill Points are now weighted towards larger groups of players as it costs more (and, hence, requires more players) to unlock some of the higher tiers on the tree. Here’s hoping that’ll be re-jigged soon.

Atlas v7.0 Patch Notes

Want to read the complete changelist? It’s all here on the Atlas forums.