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How to Use Smash Ball in Smash Ultimate

While Super Smash Bros Ultimate has been out for a while by now, many of you are wondering exactly how to use Smash Ball in Smash Ultimate. Read on to discover what the Smash Ball is, what it does, and how you can activate it. Once you’ve read this, you’ll be ready for a final smash.

What is the Smash Ultimate Smash Ball?

The Smash Ball is an item that will appear randomly during fights on Smash Ultimate. The item first appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl and up until now, it was the only way in which you could get and use your character’s powerful Final Smash attack. In Smash Ultimate, however, you can also get a Final Smash via the Smash Meter, which is an optional mechanic you can turn on which will fill in as you fight.

Each fighter in Smash Ultimate has their own Final Smash, and the fast-moving floating Smash Ball is the traditional way in which you can unleash them. It will turn up randomly and fly around the stage, getting knocked back as it is hit. Be careful, though, everyone will want the Smash Ball.

How to Use Smash Ball in Smash Ultimate

Once a Smash Ball appears in Smash Ultimate, everyone will want to use it. The trouble is, it is rather difficult to use. Once it appears, it will fly around the stage in a similar fashion to the Quidditch balls in Harry Potter. To use it, you will need to destroy it.

To destroy the Smash Ball you will need to hit it. As in older games, the Smash Ball has a hidden health bar that you will need to deplete. On top of this, it flies away each time it is hit and can disappear off the stage for a second or two. Light attacks won’t achieve much here, however, and you’ll want to smash the Smash Ball with powerful Smash Attacks and stronger Special Attacks. The trouble is, everyone will be after it just as you are. Our advice? Long-ranged attacks are great for getting in that last hit, Ness and Lucas both have a controllable Up-B attack that you can use to damage the Smash Ball with away from everyone else.

Once you have destroyed the Smash Ball, you will inherit its power. To use the Smash Ball’s power, simply stand still and press the Special Attack button (default of “B,” or “Down” on the left Joy-Con) without direction. Your fighter will then unleash its ultra-powerful Final Smash. It’s now up to you how you use it, just make sure you’re aware of the distance you need to be for it to work on your opponents.

Watch out, too, for the Fake Smash Ball.

What is the Smash Ultimate Fake Smash Ball?

How to Use Smash Ball in Smash Ultimate

To make things more difficult for everyone, that pesky Sakurai added in a second form of Smash Ball to Smash Ultimate. The Fake Smash Ball, however, is not a friendly item in the slightest.

It works in much the same way as the regular Smash Ball, but its movement is a little slower and more stilted. The Fake Smash Ball looks a little different, too, with a slightly altered color pattern. When a Fake Smash Ball is destroyed, it doesn’t bestow you with its awesome power. Instead, it explodes in an “X” shape, damaging all who are caught in its blast. You’ll definitely want to avoid the Fake Smash Ball, so below we’ve listed what makes it different from the real Smash Ball.

  • While the real Smash Ball has the standard Smash Bros logo on it, the Fake Smash Ball changes it up. Instead of a thick vertical line and a thin horizontal one, it swaps them around. If your Smash Ball has a thick horizontal line and a thin vertical one, it’s fake.
  • It will slowly drift towards players and fighting.
  • It can zip across quickly, too, in order to get hit by an attack.

Now you know how to spot a Fake Smash Ball, you should be able to avoid them rather easily. To make absolutely sure, you could always switch them off on the Items menu, however, just as you can with the real Smash Ball.

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