Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Wolf – How to Unlock

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has a ridiculously large roster of characters, but you’ll need to unlock most of them in order to play them, since only the original eight N64 fighters are available from the start. One of the most sought-after characters is Wolf, the brutal enemy of the StarFox team. But how do you unlock Smash Ultimate Wolf? Is he particularly difficult to get? We’ve got the answers.

Who is Wolf?

Wolf O’Donnell is the rival of Fox McCloud, and the leader of the brutal Star Wolf team of Arwing fighters in the Star Fox series of Nintendo games. He was due to appear in Star Fox 2 for the SNES, but as that game didn’t get officially released until the SNES Classic, most people were introduced to Wolf in the N64’s Star Fox 64, or Lylat Wars. His first Smash Bros. appearance was in Super Smash Bros Brawl, but was cut out of the Wii U/3DS game. He is an Echo Fighter of Fox, and only ranks D-Tier on our tier list.

How to Unlock Smash Ultimate Wolf

Just like every locked character in the game, there are three ways to unlock Wolf in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The easiest is by playing through Classic Mode on any difficulty as either Fox several times, or Peach. You’ll have to unlock her first of course, but she’s comparitively easy to get. After this, you can just play through regular VS matches, possibly as Olimar, and Wolf will be the 51st character you unlock.

The final method is the toughest, and that’s by playing through the World of Light single-player campaign. Wolf is in the Mysterious Dimension, which is at the very end of the campaign, so he’s one of the last characters you’ll get this way. However, this is the only way to unlock Wolf for play within the campaign.