Box art - ATLAS

How to Get Water in Atlas

There are so many moving parts (and some that don’t quite move) in Atlas that it can be easy to forget all about getting water in the game. If so, you run the risk of dehydration and, well, dying. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need a quick guide on how to get water in Atlas and even the best places to find water. Because you don’t want parched lips now, do you?

Where to Get Water in Atlas

Common logic would dictate that bodies of water, such as ponds and lakes, would be the perfect location to find water in Atlas and, well, that’d be correct. Just hunt down an island’s natural water resource by using your map and then lapping up some fresh water with your hands. Be warned, though, that saltwater (which can be found near harbors and the like) isn’t suitable for drinking.

You can also get water in Atlas in most inland fertile locations, marked by a richer green terrain on your map. Simply head there and follow the instructions below to quench your thirst and make sure you have a definite supply of water, should you require it.

How to Get Water in Atlas

Once you head to the green area(s) in an island, you’re going to need to go prone by pressing X on your keyboard, or whichever key you’ve currently mapped it to. From there, it’s pretty simple: click the ground to fire up a QTE. You have to click again when the marker inside the white area to get the highest possible amount of water from the ground.

Once the minigame is over, click the water spout that’s emerged from the ground to drink the water. Be warned, though, you can’t use the same spot twice within a short space of time.