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How to Make Elixirs in Below – Items and Crafting

Below is a difficult game to navigate, and you’ll need to make elixirs often as you traverse Below’s dark depths. Here’s how to make elixirs in Below, what items you’ll need to craft them, and what ability each one gives you.

Why Do I Need Elixirs in Below?

Unlike other games that have elixirs in them, Below’s elixirs don’t all just give you health. You get your health back from eating food and bandaging up your wounds, so why do you need elixirs in Capybara Games’ indie title?

Each different elixir grants you a perk, for a limited amount of time, that aids you in your quest to discover Below’s secrets. You can arguably progress through, and complete, the game without consuming elixirs. If you’re having trouble and need a helping hand, however, they’re very useful.

How to Make Elixirs in Below – Elixir Types and Ingredients

There are seven different types of elixirs in Below, and while you may not need any or all of them, it’s worth knowing what ingredients you may need and what each one does. Each one apart from the black elixir requires water, a mushroom, and some raw food ingredient. Read on below to see the different elixirs and what uses they have.

Black Elixir

  • The only elixir that isn’t craftable. These can be found in chests that are scattered throughout the game.
  • Use: Grants user temporary invincibility against attacks.

Blue Elixir

  • Ingredients required: Blue Mushroom + 2x Meat, Water or Vegetables.
  • Use: Temporarily stops thirst, hunger, and cold meters from running low.
  • Mushrooms found in ice caves on level four.

Green Elixir

  • Ingredients required: Green Mushroom + 2x Meat, Water or Vegetables.
  • Use: Causes enemies to drop extra light shards for lantern for limited period of time.
  • Mushrooms found throughout caves across Below’s map.

Purple Elixir

  • Ingredients required: 1x Blue Mushroom + 2x Red Mushroom.
  • Use: Reveals the full level map that the player is currently on.

Red Elixir

  • Ingredients required: Red Mushroom + 2x Meat, Water or Vegetables.
  • Use: Increases damage output for a limited amount of time.
  • Mushrooms acquired from any level on Below’s map.

White Elixir

  • Ingredients required: White Mushroom + 2x Meat, Water or Vegetables.
  • Use: Grants user temporary night vision, which allows the player to store their lantern away and save on light shards.
  • Mushrooms located between levels 14 and 19.

Yellow Elixir

  • Ingredients required: Yellow Mushroom + 2x Meat, Water or Vegetables.
  • Use: Reduces the amount of damage that player can take when attacked by enemies.
  • Mushrooms found on level five.