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Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations Guide

The Celeste B-side cassette tape locations will be top of your list if you want to complete every level. The game’s selection as one of January’s free Xbox One Games with Gold titles mean that plenty of people will be searching for these collectibles. Follow our guide to see where all of the Celeste B-side cassette tape locations are.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – How Many are There?

There are eight cassettes to collect, with one found in each chapter. You’ll need to use all of your nous and platforming ability to reach them, as well as our guide below to see exactly where they are found.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 1 (Forsaken City)

This cassette is found in the “Chasm” checkpoint. From this section’s starting area, immediately jump to the platform above you, move the spiky obstacle, and platform your way up to the next section. Ride the platform up through the narrow spiky gap and jump up to another area.

Move another spiky boulder above you, head through the gap, and you’ll find a room filled with pink and blue platforms that move in and out of the wall. Time each jump correctly to move between them, grab and climb up the left-hand wall, use the movable platform when you can, and you will get the tape.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 2 (Old Site)

This is found after the cutscene with the mirror that breaks. Head up through the goopy, star-littered rectangle above you, head left using more of the goopy rectangles and, when you come to an open-ish area, head down and through one final rectangle. Navigate the puzzle to get the tape.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 3 (Celestial Resort)

This tape is found in the elevator shaft area. In the giant room with platforms that move down if you’re standing on them. You’ll need to jump between them to get by the moving shadowy monsters.

At the end of the room is a key that you pick up to unlock a door you saw previously, as well as an opening immediately to the left of this. Head through this gap in the wall to find the tape room. Use your platforming skills to get the cassette.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 4 (Golden Ridge)

This area is found where the wind is blowing into your face with three clouds acting as a stairway up to the next platform. Jump up the first cloud to the second, and immediately jump to your left. Double jump so that you grab on to the platform above you, and head along the path past the torn green flag. Head through the next room to another to find the cassette puzzle.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 5 (Mirror Temple)

In the “Depths” region of this chapter, you’ll make your way into a big room that requires you to hit crystals on the wall to light up the place. You’ll have done this in previous rooms too, so it shouldn’t be difficult to do. Hit the switch with a green button, hanging from the ceiling, before you leave too.

Once you’ve done this, make your way into the next room and dart over the brown switch on the floor. Head to the right of the screen and make your way through a secret pathway hidden in the wall. Use the red orb and alternating platforms to make your way to this cassette tape.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 6 (Reflection)

In the “Hollows” section of this chapter, head up to your left and awaken the first enemy block that you see. Duck underneath it as it heads right to attack you, and hit its underside to make it break through the floor you’re standing on.

Head to its left, hit its left side, and jump on top of it as it breaks through the wall to your left. Head through the area that’s made available, and platform your way to the tape at the far end of the room.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 7 (The Summit)

Dart your way through the level until you happen upon the room with monsters, black goop on the walls, and a platform with a book case in the center. Jump across the gap to the platform, clamber up it, and wait on top until the shadow monster on your left moves upwards.

Take this opportunity to double jump your way underneath another monster – inbetween it and the black goop lining the wall and ceiling – and climb up the small wall into a secret area. Navigate the puzzle to reach the cassette.

Celeste B-Side Cassette Tape Locations – Chapter 8 (The Core)

This sequence starts in the “Heart of the Mountain” part of the chapter, and sees you having to outrun a moving wall of lava or ice for much of the level.

Make full use of your dash mechanic, use the platforms and walls to get around the sub-levels, and use the frozen enemies to jump off of to help you evade the onrushing wall. It’ll be trial and error and, whilst you will die at some point, keep calm and concentrate on moving forward.

Eventually you’ll come across an area where you can use gold feathers to help you fly through the latter stages – all the while trying to evade alternating walls of lava and ice. Use the two feathers to get through this area, and you’ll come across the tape room next. Use all of your platforming skills to reach it.