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Fortnite Stage 1 Dance on Top of a Water Tower Guide

The Fortnite Season 7 Week 5 challenges are here and, with them, is our Fortnite stage 1 dance on top of water tower guide. Unusually for leaked information about Fortnite‘s weekly challenges, however, we have all three locations you’ll need to help earn your weekly challenge reward. These include the water tower, ranger tower, and air traffic control tower. Find out what you’ll need to do with our Fortnite stage 1 dance on top of a water tower guide.

Fortnite Stage 1 Dance on Top of a Water Tower Guide – What is the Challenge?

It’s simple enough really. All you need to do is dance on top of Fortnite‘s water tower, and then do likewise on another two towers to complete the challenge. As we mentioned, we already have the locations for the two other spots you will need to dance on top of, so let’s skip right on to each location.

Fortnite Stage 1 Dance on Top of a Water Tower Guide

Fortnite Stage 1 Dance on Top of a Water Tower Guide

The first location you’ll need to dance on, as we’ve stated, is the water tower. The Fortnite water tower can be found in the Retail Row area of the map, which is found in the east. The tower itself is located in the southeast portion of Retail Row. When you’re dropping in from the battle bus, head in that direction and make sure you land on top of the tower. If you do, bust a move on it to complete stage one of this week’s dance challenge.

Fortnite Stage 2 Dance on Top of a Ranger Tower

According to the leaked information, the second area you’ll need to dance upon is the ranger tower. Ranger tower is found to the northeast of Retail Row, and due south of Lonely Lodge. Again, make sure that your trajectory is right so you land on top of the wooden structure before you begin flossing or performing whatever dance move you choose.

Fortnite Stage 3 Dance on Top of an Air Traffic Control Tower

The final tower you’ll want to dance on is the air traffic control tower. This locale is situated in the Frosty Flights section of the map, and is the newest biome that dropped into Fortnite in the winter update. The tower is a red colored tower with a satellite dish on top, so be aware to look out for this when you drop, and don’t land on a similar building.

Once you’ve completed all three dances on these towers, you’ll have finished this challenge and be on your way to earning your weekly rewards.