Box art - Dusk

Dusk PS4 and Xbox One Versions Coming, Includes Co-Op

If you haven’t heard of Duskit’s a retro-style FPS that’s meant to recreate the glory days of the genre from the ’90s, and plays like a cross between id Software’s Quake 1 and Monolith’s Blood. It was released just last month to much acclaim, including from us, but at the moment it’s currently only on PC. That seems set to change, as publisher New Blood Interactive has announced that Dusk PS4 and Xbox One versions are on the way, and possibly even Nintendo Switch. Hopefully the Dusk console ports will be out in 2019, although that’s currently not confirmed.

The announcement was made, rather subtly, as part of a post on the game’s Steam page. The post is mostly to thank fans of the game, and show how far Dusk has come since the initial test level three years ago, but towards the end there is a list of new things coming to Dusk. This includes “console ports,” which we are assuming are PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, although Dusk on Nintendo Switch would be excellent too.

Other announcements include a New Game Plus mode, Mac and Linux versions, and a co-operative mode for the game, which would be a most welcome addition. Furthermore, extra content is coming to the multiplayer side, DuskWorld, as well as extra language localizations. Presumably all these new features will be present in the console versions of Dusk when they launch.

Dusk soap

The publisher has also said that there would be a real-life piece of merchandise in the form of a bacon-scented soap, which references the soap item you can find on every level of the game, despite it not having any particular purpose. New Blood Interactive promises that further merchandise for Dusk will be available in its store, which will include T-shirts, CD and vinyl versions of the soundtrack, and a “Big Box Physical Collector’s Edition.” Hopefully all this should appear in 2019, although the post clearly states “Dusk will live on far beyond 2019.”