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Fortnite Ice Puck – How to Slide Over 150m in a Single Throw

It seems that the Fortnite Season 7 Week 6 challenges have leaked online already. One of next week’s challenges will see players use a Fortnite ice puck, but what is it, and what will this entail exactly? Here’s how to slide over 150m in a single throw with the Fortnite ice puck.

What Is the Fortnite Ice Puck?

The Fortnite ice puck is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the item that’s hit by hockey players during matches to score goals. In Fortnite, it takes up one of the slots in your emotes, but how do you unlock this special emote ahead of next week’s challenge?

How do I Unlock the Fortnite Ice Puck?

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To unlock the Fortnite Ice Puck emote, you will need to reach at least Tier 28 on the Fortnite paid-for Battle Pass for Season 7. You can buy the Battle Pass in-game for 950 V-bucks.

The more that you play, the more rewards you will unlock. This is achieved by completing weekly challenges, which give you points to level up faster and unlock more emotes, cosmetics, and other items including the Fortnite ice puck.

Fortnite Ice Puck – How to Slide Over 150m in a Single Throw

To slide the Fortnite ice puck over 150 m in a single throw, your best bet is to create a slope of at least 150 m in length. This will mean that you only need to chuck the ice puck down the slope, with gravity doing the rest of the work for you.

Grab materials from trees, buildings, and any other destructible item so that you have enough to build with. Begin making your slope and make sure that it reaches high enough into the air. There isn’t an indication in Fortnite to say how high up you are, so it may be trial and error to see if you’ve made a slope big enough.

Once you have, head to the very top. Select the ice puck emote from the emote menu, and throw it down the slope. Once it reaches the 150 m mark, you should get a notification to say you’ve completed this challenge.