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How to get and do the Fortnite Nitro Jerry emote

The Fortnite Nitro Jerry is the latest to sneak its way into the Epic Games’ hugely popular battle royale game. The Short Fuse emote isn’t accessible from the item shop, and you can’t equip it in-game. This makes it a very rare emote to witness, let alone to execute yourself. Read on to find out how to get and do the Fortnite Nitro Jerry emote.

How do you get the Fortnite Nitro Jerry emote? 

Fortnite Nitro Jerry

The only way to get the special Nitro Jerry emote in Fortnite is by securing a Victory Royale. The emote can only be triggered after a victory. As you might expect from a character comprised of explosives, it’s a suitable emote; Nitro Jerry will blow up before your eyes, with the resulting skin charred and missing its top. Fittingly, the emote is called Short Fuse.

Whether or not you’ll be able to use this emote outside of a win later down the line is currently unclear. It’s not the first time Epic Games have introduced a win-only emote, either. The rarity of the skin, as well as the celebration, might mean it stays reserved for a Victory Royale. While that might upset some fans, it’ll make the emote worth savoring when you do get to use it

Interestingly, the Nitro Jerry skin and emote aren’t officially in Fortnite yet. Revealed through datamines, it’s due to launch in the item shop in the coming weeks, as a continuation of Fortnite’s Cosmic Summer event. We’ve already seen the arrival of Superman, Rick Sanchez, and even Harry Kane in the past month — so an explosive new emote will certainly be welcomed by the Fortnite community.

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