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Smash Ultimate Brave – Who is the Leaked DLC Character?

Thanks to a recent datamine, we now know something of the as yet unannounced Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character. Three codenames of unreleased and leaked characters have been found in the Smash Ultimate code, including Brave. Who is Smash Ultimate Brave? What kind of stats does the leaked character have? Read on to find out.

While there were three Smash Ultimate character codenames found within the game’s code, only one of them isn’t known. As per ResetEra “Packu” is Piranha Plant, “Jack” is Joker, but “Brave” is unknown. Brave could be any kind of character. This hasn’t stopped all sorts of theories on who it might be, however.

Smash Ultimate Brave – Who is the Leaked DLC Character?

The most realistic theory is that Brave refers to a Dragon Quest character. More specifically, Erdrick: the hero and the main protagonist of Dragon Quest 3. The reasoning behind it makes sense. Erdrick is a Yuusha in Japan, which directly translates into Brave. While the link is at least somewhat tenuous, it isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors that a Dragon Quest representative is on the way to Smash Ultimate.

There are further theories as to who Brave might be, however. We could be seeing a character from Square Enix’s Bravely Default series (which is currently exclusive to the 3DS). It could mean something else, too. Thanks to @_Mizumi’s further data mining efforts, we do know some limited information regarding Brave’s stats. Brave’s run speed, for example, is 1.74, which means it is not a particularly quick fighter (Incineroar’s run speed is 1.18, whereas Sonic has one of 3.85). This would put Brave in line with a sword fighter, however, with relatively medium stats.

We know too, that Brave cannot wall jump, and is relatively heavy with a weight of 101 (Bowser is 135, while Pichu has a weight of 62). Based on these stats, Brave is a relatively weighty character at a medium size. This would mean that it could easily be Erdrick from Dragon Quest 3 or any other Dragon Quest hero for that matter. It could also prove to be a character from the Bravely series (especially with that codename). We wouldn’t be too surprised, too, if Brave turned out to be a Monster Hunter, given that the series has a history on Nintendo and that it does feature in Smash Ultimate thanks to an Assist Trophy and boss. Arthur from Ghosts ‘n Goblins is rather brave, too, and would fit what we know about the character’s stats.

Brave could even mean that we might see Disney/Pixar’s Merida as a playable fighter. Who knows what Sakurai’s thinking these days? But there appears to be at least one Smash Ultimate DLC character that we don’t know about on the horizon. And isn’t that exciting?