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Atlas Network Failure Message – Is There an Unable to Query Server Fix?

If you’re an Atlas player, chances are you’ve seen the Atlas Network Failure message more times than you’d care to admit. The error, which stops you from connecting to servers and also comes tagged with a puzzling “Unable to query server info for invite” message, seems to be impossible to fix. But, if we can’t provide an Atlas Network Failure message fix, then we can at least try and wrap our heads around why the problem is happening.

Why am I Getting an Atlas Network Failure Message?

This doesn’t appear to be a random occurence. A Network Failure message, more often than that, will only pop up at times when Atlas is updating, hence why you can’t get on to the servers. It’s partly due to a lack of communication on the developer’s part and the roundabout language used in the error message that causes so much confusion.

It is also highly likely that, if you’re seeing the Network Failure message, that all Atlas servers are currently offline for either maintenance or some other outage.

Is There an Atlas Network Failure Message Fix?

While you can try hopping to other servers to see if the problem persists, your best bet is to wait around and twiddle your thumbs for the latest Atlas update to go live.

A simple browse of the Atlas patch notes forum thread will make you aware of any and all upcoming updates and when you need to steer clear of the game, lest you want to see the Network Failure message yet again.

At this stage, though, there’s no real fix, per se. Restarting or re-downloading your client will do nada, as will the litany of other possible suggestions, including running the game in Safe Mode. It’s all tied to things on Studio Wildcard’s end. All you can do is keep tabs on the Atlas Twitter account for confirmation that the game is now live.