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Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem – Get the Black Diamond Ski Sword

Fallout 76 is full of interesting quests, but by far the most entertaining and rewarding missions are the ones to join the game’s factions. The Enclave quest line gives you access to the game’s nuclear missiles, and if you join the Order of Mysteries you’ll be part of a secret spy organization, for two examples. However, possibly the most entertaining of them all is the Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem quest for the Raider faction.

The Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem quest is given to you by the game’s best character, Rose, and will involve making a Yao Guai angry and becoming friends with a Deathclaw before getting a Black Diamond Ski Sword, made out of some skis. But where do you get this quest in first place, and what steps do you need to do to complete it? We’ve got the answers.

How to Get the Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem Quest

Fallout 76 Top of the World

Flavors of Mayhem is the second quest from Rose, the last “surviving” member of the Raider faction. To get to it you’ll have to complete the first part of the Raider faction quest line. To get this, you simply have to approach the Top of the World building, which is directly east of the town of Flathills. It’s on the map above, and it’s so tall you can’t really miss it. When you get close, you’ll hear a woman named Rose talk to you through the intercom.

You’ll get the mission called Signal Strength when you do. It’ll take a while but is fairly easy. Once you’ve completed it, return to Rose on the third floor of the Top of the World tower, where you’ll discover she’s actually a customized Mr. Handy robot. She’ll then give you the Flavors of Mayhem quest, which won’t be quite as easy.

Shoot a Yao Guai with a Karma Syringe

For the first part of the quest, Rose wants you to upgrade and then test her new Karma Syringe. She’ll give you the plans for it, some of the materials, and her own personal weapon, Rose’s Syringer. Head to the Weapons Workbench on the second floor of the Top of the World and craft the Karma Syringe mod for the Syringer. You’ll need one Psycho, one Glowing Resin, two Steel, and two Firecracker berries.

Once this is done, you’ll be tasked with using it on a Yao Guai. If you’ve been hunting them, whether for meat, XP, or Loose Screws, you’ll know that a guaranteed place to encounter a Yao Guai is at Monongah Overlook. This is north of Top of the World, just beyond the town of Monongah and up the road that leads into the mountains. There should be a picnic area and a nice scenic point here which will be completely ruined when the Yao Guai you’re after shows up. Stick it with Rose’s Syringer, at which point Rose will tell you that the Yao Guai is now more angry, and invincible. Wait and survive for a little bit, and then attack. Keep shooting until it dies, then recover the Karma Syringe.

Craft Explosive Bait at Any Tinker’s Workbench

The next part is fairly easy, but may require a lot of walking. With the Yao Guai dead, Rose now tasks you with crafting some Explosive Bait to use on the next poor monster. If you don’t have the supplies you need, the map will point you towards the nearest source of these materials. These will probably be an explosives crate just to the west of the Atlas Observatory, and an area east of the Monongah power plant.

In total, you’ll need two Adhesives, one Copper, one Fragmentation Mine, and one Radstag Meat. Have a look around the south-eastern part of the map for Radstags. Once you have all the materials, you’ll have to go to the nearest Tinker’s Workbench, which will be marked on the map if you don’t have one at your camp. When we did this mission, the nearest was actually at another player’s camp. Once there, head to the “Mines” menu and select Explosive Bait to craft it.

The next part is to actually use the Explosive Bait on a creature at a specific point on the map, south-west of Top of the World and just north-east of the Whitespring Resort (it’ll be marked as yellow on your map). Equip and use the Explosive Bait, and watch as a nearby carnivore eats it and explodes. For the quickest results, place it near a group of enemies, including Ghouls.

Make Friends With a Deathclaw

Fallout 76 Deathclaw

The next part of the quest is possibly the strangest: you’ll be tasked with making friends with a Deathclaw for Rose. Now, you probably don’t think that’s very likely, and it’s more likely Rose is trying to get you killed. You’d be right on both counts. We’ve already previously detailed how to complete this part of the Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem quest, but the short version is below.

Rose will send you to a Deathclaw spawn point which is right next to Top of the World, just east of the tower. Head to the cliffside there, and you’ll need to sneak up to the Deathclaw when its back is turned. Get within close distance of the monster (we’re talking claw-striking range here, unfortunately) and you’ll get a button prompt to “Make Friends” with the Deathclaw. It’ll freeze for a moment, and then, predictably, it’ll begin attacking you. You’ll have the option to kill it or flee, but it doesn’t really matter since it wants your blood either way. Make sure you have plenty of health, and either big guns or strong legs. Alternatively, maybe use Rose’s Syringer on it for a slightly easier battle.

Steal from a Super Mutant Camp

Fallout 76 Flavors of Mayhem Super Mutant Camp

The next part of Rose’s plan to get you killed is to send you to steal a missile launcher (and some other gear) from Super Mutants in one of their toughest camps in the game. It’s at Crevasse Dam, which at the lake far to the north-east of Top of the World and directly east of Atlas Observatory. It is located in The Mire section of the map. It should be marked, but some players have reported that the mission is bugged and doesn’t put a waypoint on their map. If that’s the case you may need to log back in several times to get it.

Do your best to kill all the Super Mutants in the camp, unless you fancy using a Stealth Boy and sneaking your way in. Bear in mind that there’s the possibility that a Legendary Super Mutant may spawn in this location, even though it’s not part of the quest, so be on your look-out for that and have plenty of health kits and your best weapons handy. Head to the roof, and you’ll find a throne with a dead body carrying truck keys. The truck they open is behind the dam, and has the missile launcher and Power Armor inside. Loot these for Rose.

Kill a Feral Ghoul and Get the Black Diamond Ski Sword

The final part of Flavors of Mayhem is simple: kill a feral ghoul. Unlike other parts of this quest, any ghoul will do, although the nearest will be marked on your map, probably near Whitespring Resort. Kill it, and then decide whether you want to listen to Rose and eat the ghoul’s remains too (it’s optional). Return to Rose at Top of the World, and she’ll give you the Black Diamond Ski Sword, as well as the final part of her quest line: Keys to the Past.