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Fortnite Frozen Legends pack gone – Will it come back?

Epic Games gave us all the ability to add a little bit more of the winter into our games of Fortnite with the Fortnite Frozen Legends pack. Now, however, the Fortnite Frozen Legends pack is gone. We can no longer buy the icy-themed skin pack to use in the game. Is there a Fortnite Frozen Legends new release date and why is Frozen Legends missing from the game? Read on to find out.

Fortnite Frozen Legends expected new release date

The Frozen Legends pack in Fortnite originally released on December 24, 2018. It was a featured pack for the rest of December. Now, however, it’s gone. For whatever reason, Epic Games decided to remove the Frozen Legends pack from the Fortnite store without so much as a word.

Roughly available for three weeks, the Frozen Legends bundle is now gone. Perhaps Epic Games didn’t think the bundle offered good value for money with its re-themed existing skins? Maybe it didn’t sell particularly well? Whatever the reason, though, it is gone now. In terms of a new release date for the Frozen Legends bundle, however, we aren’t too sure. Plenty of items and skins have come and gone throughout Fortnite’s history. We might never see the Frozen Legends bundle’s items return in rotation on the Item Store.

We might, however, see it return before the winter season ends. A decent bet would be on the bundle returning in December 2019, too, when winter rears its cold head again.

What was in the Fortnite Frozen Legends bundle?

The Frozen Legends pack contained three skins to use in Fortnite. People who purchased the pack were given winter-themed versions of existing skins. These were as follows:

  • Love Ranger
  • Raven
  • Red Knight

Essentially, each of them was given a nice palette swap. The Red Knight, for example, lost its red color scheme in favor of an ice-cool blue one. It was the perfect bundle of Fortnite skins for those of us wishing to make the game look a little more festive. It did cost $24.99 to buy, however, but was available on all platforms.

Those who bought the Frozen Legends bundle before it left the store still have access to the content.