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Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine – What’s the code?

Fallout 76 has got plenty of mysterious locations to find, from the home of the Mothman to Freddy Fear’s House of Scares. However, none may be quite as mysterious as the Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine, which has some true horrors in its depths. What is so special about the Lucky Hole Mine? What’s the mysterious monster hiding in the dark, waiting to come out? And just what is the combination code to the gate inside, and where do you get it? We’ve got the answers.

Where is Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine?

Fallout 76 Lucky Hole Mine map

The Lucky Hole Mine is located far to the south of the map, in the mountainous region of the Savage Divide part of Fallout 76‘s Appalachia. It’s directly southwest of Fort Defiance, where you can find a Creepy Clown Mask if you’re aiming to look just as terrifying as the contents of the Lucky Hole Mine.

What’s special about Lucky Hole Mine?

From accessing the terminals around the outside of the mine, you can quickly surmise that there is something strange going on at Lucky Hole. Strange people had been harassing the workers there, and eventually took it over. Holotapes talk of a strange cult that believe a mysterious visitor called “the Interloper” is present in the mine, summoning followers to worship this wooden god.

As you make your way through the mine, eventually you’ll discover a room with multiple dead skeletons, strange ritual statues, and a weird Cthulhu-like tentacle monster snaking its roots through the ground. This is the creature that this cult worshiped, and presumably killed themselves protecting. The monster seems dormant at the moment, but one of its tentacles twitches as you enter the room, as if it notices your presence. Spooky.

What is the Lucky Hole Mine combination code?

If you’ve been exploring, you’ve probably encountered the locked security gate somewhere within the mine, with a keycode combination lock. You can find the code to this lock outside in one of the cabin, on a Smuggler’s stash note. If you missed that, the code is 238963.