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Fortnite Deadfire skin not working – Color change fix

There have been reports that the Fortnite Deadfire Skin is broken for a little while now. Players can buy and download hundreds of skins in Fortnite, but like a McDonald’s burger, they sometimes don’t look like the advertised product. The Fortnite Deadfire Skin not working is a relatively common complaint, and we’re here to let you know if there’s a fix.

Fortnite Deadfire Skin not working bug

The Deadfire Skin not working bug in Fortnite is a fairly simple one to wrap your head around. Deadfire is a relatively popular skin in Fortnite thanks to the fact that it changes color as you play. The zombie/ghost cowboy skin looks okay enough as it is, but it puts on its own trippy light show to boot. The trouble is, it no longer changes color as you play.

This is made worse by the fact that buying the skin will set you back a rather hefty 2000 V-Bucks. This is a lot by anyone’s standards, and for it to not work is an issue. Is there a way to fix the lack of color changes?

Fortnite Deadfire Skin not working fix

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way of fixing the Deadfire Skin in Fortnite. If it has stopped changing color as you play, then it simply won’t work until it is fixed in a patch. There is nothing you can do. Thankfully, however, that very fix is on its way soon.

Confirmed on Reddit, Epic Games will fix the Deadfire Skin as part of the Fortnite 7.20 update. The reactive skin will be back and as snazzy as ever as soon as the next Fortnite update hits. Given how regularly the game is updated, we should expect the 7.20 update before too long. Now those 2000 V-Bucks won’t be wasted on a bland, un-reactive Deadfire Skin.

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