Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 1.11 update patch notes – What’s changed?

Behold, the Black Ops 4 1.11 update! While it may not reinvent the FPS wheel, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by these Black Ops 4 1.11 update patch notes. They not only include a faster Blackout looting change, but also a handful of new multiplayer playlists for you to get your teeth stuck into as well as “IX” and “Dead of the Night” Zombies fixes for those looking to mow down legions of the undead without also having to battle the game itself.

Black Ops 4 1.11 update – Blackout looting

This is a biggun and kind of an obvious change when you think about it. You know when you find a crate or a downed player’s backpack and you spend a few too many seconds browsing through its wares and end up taking a bullet? Well, Black Ops 4 1.11 will help do away with that thanks to tiled inventories now making it easier to browse everything via rows. It’s a small change, but an integral one.

Black Ops 4 1.11 update – New multiplayer playlists

While introduced in a hotfix rather than in 1.11, it’s all part of the package as revealed on Treyarch’s Reddit post. Endurance Chaos Moshpit is now a Featured Playlist and it essentially introduces a 6 v 6 element across most major game modes with a longer time limit and a larger score limit. Perfect for those who want to rack up the killstreaks.

Black Ops 4 1.11 update – Zombies fixes

Treyarch is promising an “Elixir update” next week but hasn’t been forthcoming with the info. Instead, what we do know is that there’s a few fixes for roadblocks and game-ending glitches found in both IX and Dead of the Night. The game should also stop crashing when multiple Sentries are active, so you’ll be able to mow down the walking dead to your heart’s content.

For the full list of Black Ops 4 1.11 update patch notes, check out Treyarch’s Reddit post.