When is the Persona 5 The Animation return date?

Need your Joker fix and are desperate for a Persona 5 The Animation return date? If, like us, you’re waiting for the final episode air date and for the OVA to drop sharpish, you’ll be scrambling for any sort of clues that point towards when the Persona 5 anime will return. We’ve had episode 26, we’ve had Final Sun. When are we going to be able to finish watching the Persona 5 anime?

When is the Persona 5 The Animation return date?

Here’s where we’re at. Persona 5 The Animation capped off its 26-episode run on September 30 but left the story tantalizingly incomplete, with the intention of two OVAs (essentially special standalone episodes) wrapping up Joker/Ren’s narrative.

However, we’ve had quite the wait. The first OVA, Dark Sun, arrived three months later on December 30 but the final Persona 5 The Animation episode, titled “Stars and Ours” is seemingly MIA.

Persona 5‘s Japanese site, though, has stolen our hearts and provided us with at least a release window rather than a release date. While no further details have been given since the December post, we still have March 2019 circled (and circled once more, just in case) in our calendars. Of course, that still does little to calm the fervor that has been whipped up thanks to the large gap between episodes.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll just leave it at that. There’s an educated guess we can make as to when we’ll see the Persona 5 anime finale in what it sure to be a bumper-length episode.

With each episode going out on Sunday prior to this, and March only having five Sundays to speak of, we’ve narrowed things down somewhat. Expect the Persona 5 The Animation return date to be one of of these following dates:

  • March 3
  • March 10
  • March 17
  • March 24
  • March 31

…and if it isn’t? Then, well, I didn’t see that coming.