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Destiny 2 Watcher Farming – Fastest way to farm Watcher Lens

The Bergusia Forge has unlocked in Destiny 2, and with it, a new Mysterious Box quest has become live. To open the Mysterious Box, you will need to get your hand on a Black Armory Key, which requires you to do some Destiny 2 Watcher Farming. Read on to discover exactly why you need Destiny 2 Watcher Lenses and the fastest way to farm Watcher Lens.

Destiny 2 Watcher Farming – How to collect Watcher Lens

To complete the latest Mysterious Box quest, you need to get hold of the Butterfly Key, Fishhook Key, and Hand Key from before. Once you have these keys, Ada-1 will reward you with a Black Armory Key Mold. This then will send you on your first step towards receiving the Black Armory Key: collecting 24 Watcher Lens.

To do this, you will be sent on your merry way to the Leviathan raid on Nessus. Open up the Underbelly of the Leviathan and head inside the Engine Room. Now, kill some Watchers and they should drop some Lenses. You don’t need worry with finding and killing every Watcher in every room, however. There is a workaround that should speed the process up.

Destiny 2 Watcher Farming – Fastest way to farm Watcher Lens

We mentioned the Engine Room above, as it is where you will want to go in order to quickly collect the 24 Watcher Lenses you need. The trick is thus: You can kill the same group of Watchers in any room over and over again.

To do this, you’ll want to follow the steps below:

  • Find and enter a room containing Watchers
  • Start fighting the Watchers inside
  • Do not kill every Watcher
  • Wait for them to set off the alarm and raise their shields
  • Kill them all, including the summoned Cabal and re-spawned enemies
  • This will count as a failed attempt and allow you to reset the room
  • Leave the room and re-enter after resetting via the door controls (a lever typically)

If you follow these steps, the Watchers should re-spawn once you return after resetting the room via the door controls. You’ll get those 24 Watcher Lenses in no time.

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