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Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update – What’s new?

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to get a new update that was detailed in the game’s roadmap last year. Called the Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update, the latest patch will bring new characters and features to EA DICE’s title. So, what’s new with the Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update?

Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update – What is the update?

Revealed as part of the Star Wars Battlefront 2 roadmap last October, the Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update will add Count Dooku to the mix of playable characters. Count Dooku, who also goes by the name Darth Tyranus, hence the update name, will have an additional appearance patched into the game too. Players who wish to get this alternative look will have to use in-game credits or crystals to purchase it in the online game store.

Obi-Wan Kenobi will also be given an alternative appearance during this update, while the arrival of the Coruscant Guard Trooper appearances will get a makeover too.

When is the Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update release date?

We know that the update is coming sometime in January, but DICE community manager Ben Walke has provided more evidence that it’ll be sooner rather than later. Taking to his personal Twitter account, Walke explained that a Battlefront 2 transmission – a news item that will detail more about any updates – is in the works.

This transmission will provide more information on when the patch will be live, as well as the prices for the extra appearances for certain characters.

Battlefront 2 Darth Tyranus update – What else can we expect?

Players had hoped for the arrival of Anakin Skywalker, new game modes, and tweaks to force powers. However, Walke revealed, in a Battlefront 2 Reddit thread, that Anakin and the game modes wouldn’t be dropping until February.

He did admit that force power tweaks would be part of the next update, but there’s some uncertainty if this is with the Darth Tyranus update or the February one. Keep an eye out on our website for confirmation of this when we get it.