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Resident Evil 2 Remake Safe Code – How to find the Safe Combo for the West Office

In the Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll find a safe in the West Office shortly after you make it to the RPD. More than likely, the first time you see it, you’ll have no clue what the safe code is. Furthermore, series veterans can’t use their knowledge to guess at the safe combo. If you’re stumped, read on below for info on how to unlock the West Office safe.

How to Find the West Office Safe Code in Resident Evil 2 Remake


If you’ve played the original Resident Evil 2, the safe in the West Office of the RPD will look familiar. In the original RE2, there was a floor safe in a similar location in the East Office. In fact, RE2 veterans will probably give the original safe code, 2236, a try. You might even think to give the combo from the N64 version, 4542, a go.

Unfortunately, neither of those combos work. In the original game, you found the safe code by reading the Police Memorandum file that could be located in the Reception Area. This time around, though, there’s no file to be found there.

The West Office safe is present in the Resident Evil 2 remake one-shot demo so you would think that the solution to opening it would be there as well. In fact, there’s a puzzle to opening Leon’s desk nearby with all the info you need to solve it.

We’ve spent our time with the demo searching for the code. Since it’s timed, though, we just haven’t gotten a chance to be that exhaustive. We’ll continue to check the police station as much as we can in case the safe code is written on a whiteboard or scrawled on a piece of paper somewhere.

However, we have found what the code is thanks to Reddit user Chucky3x:

  • 9 Left
  • 15 Right
  • 7 Left

To help you in your search for the code, here’s what we’ve learned so far:

  • You don’t input the code like the original safe, one number at a time. Trying any number and pressing X/A will spin the dial and kick you out of the safe screen.
  • The code more than likely must be input like a real safe. For example, three spins to the right and stop on a number, then two spins and stop on another, etc.
  • If the above is true then it might be impossible to brute force the combo.
  • No clicks or cues occur when you pass over the correct numbers.
  • No files or clues to the combo have been found in the demo, yet.

In any case, we’ll update this article when the full game releases with a full explanation of how to find the West Office safe combo.