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Resident Evil 2 Locker combos | How to find locker codes for combination locks

In the Resident Evil 2 remake  there are two locker codes you can use to get access to a few goodies during your brief trip through the RPD. The trick is, you’ll see the lockers that have combination locks way before you see the locker combos. Read on below to find out the locations of the lockers in Resident Evil 2 and what the locker combos are.

Where are the Locker Combos in Resident Evil 2?

There are three lockers in the Resident Evil 2 that have combination locks that require a code to unlock. One of them is located on the second floor in the Shower Room. One is on the third floor of the RPD at the end of the hall you enter right as you reach the top of the stairs leading from the second floor. The last one in in the Control Room in the sewers.

To open either locker, you need to input a code made up of three letters into a lock. If you’ve spent some time exploring, you’ll notice that the locker codes aren’t in any file and can’t be found scrawled anywhere in the environment. Instead, these codes are little easter eggs, though they’re not anything you’d likely guess.

Resident Evil 2 Shower Room locker combo

RE2 Remake Second Floor Locker Location

You can find the first locker in the Shower Room on the second floor against the north wall. The code for the Shower Room Locker is CAP.

Resident Evil 2 shower room locker combo code

You find the Shower Room locker combo in the office south of the Operations Room that you enter by cutting the chain. It’s right there on the whiteboard.

Resident Evil 2 Third Floor locker combo

RE2 Remake Third Floor Locker Location

The second locker is located near the top of the third-floor stairs that lead from the second floor. Instead of turning right into the room with the Spade Key, just go straight, and you’ll run right into it.

Resident Evil 2 third floor locker combo code

The code for the third-floor locker is DCM. You can find the third floor locker combo by searching the table in the small office in the Firing Range in the RPD B1 for some film. When you develop the film you’ll get an image that contains the third floor locker code. For unlocking this locker, you’ll get Magnum Ammo.

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Resident Evil 2 Sewers Control Room locker combo

resident evil 2 remake treatment room locker code

The third dial lock attached to a locker you’ll find in the Resident Evil 2 remake is located in the Sewers, specifically in the Control Room. If you’re playing Leon, you’ll get here shortly after you’ve controlled Ada Wong, and is after you return to the sewers. You’ll drop down from the Control Room into the Monitor Room, where you’ll find a Typewriter, VHS video player, and the Chess Piece puzzle.

Speaking of the Chess Piece puzzle, the first piece you encounter is the Pawn piece in the Lower Waterway, which controls a bridge. There are three locked doors here, but you’ll find a shortcut to this area which takes you through the Workroom, allowing you to pick up the Chess piece. You’ll also have found a facility key which opens the other two doors here, for the Water Injection Chamber and Workers’ Break Room. The combination is in the Workers’ Break Room, and it’s very sneaky.

resident evil 2 remake sewers locker combination

Just on the break table here is a promotional flyer for the Raccoon City Jazz Festival. At first this seems utterly inconsequential, but then you might notice that three letters on the flyer have been circled in red. It’s not stated in any way, but these three letters are the Sewers Control Room locker code, in order from top to bottom. So the Control Room locker combination is SZF. Very clever. Head back to the Control Room (if you’re not there already), put in the combination, and inside you’ll find some much-needed ammunition.