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Battlefield 5 level cap increase – When is the max rank increasing?

Battlefield 5 fans have been unrelenting in their calls for a Battlefield 5 level cap increase. With the release of the latest update for the game, many had hoped for news form EA DICE on this front. So when is the max rank increasing? Find out with our Battlefield 5 level cap increase guide.

Will there be a Battlefield 5 level cap increase?

battlefield 5 level cap increase max rank

If you had hoped for news on this front with the latest patch, you’re out of luck. EA DICE dropped the patch notes, for the Battlefield 5 Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes update, on Reddit on January 14. This big update had been heralded as a sea change by the community, with many anticipating a belated increase in the max rank.

However, a detailed study of the patch notes shows that EA DICE have failed to increase the level cap above its current max level of 50. This hasn’t impressed players in the slightest, but why are they so annoyed over this?

Why do players want a Battlefield 5 level cap increase?

battlefield 5 level cap increase level 50

For the most part, players are missing out on all that lovely XP that they are racking up whenever they play a game mode in Battlefield 5. Whether it’s the single-player campaign, or any of the online multiplayer modes, XP is being wasted as players have nothing to pour it into level wise.

Battlefield 5 fans replying to EA DICE’s Reddit post  were pretty much all querying when a level cap increase would come into play. However, there’s been no word on this coming anytime soon.

EA DICE did patch in a fix for an issue that saw level 50 ranked players miss out on company coinBattlefield 5‘s in-game currency – so it seems strange that they wouldn’t increase the level cap to resolve this ongoing issue. Hopefully they’ll sort it at some point, otherwise players may begin to really run out of patience, especially as Call of Duty‘s ranking refresh when it comes to Prestige could put them out of sight.