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The Division 2 Beta – Everything we know so far

Big The Division 2 beta news has finally started to drop, with Ubisoft revealing a story trailer that not only gives some context to what the hell is going on, but also reveals the Private Beta release date. What’s more, we’re starting to learn about what players will be able to get up to during the beta. Whether you’re on PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll want to get caught up on all of the intel to ensure you’re ready for the fight ahead! Oh, and if you plan to take part in the game before launch, you’ll need to know how to get The Division 2 Private Beta codes. Don’t worry, as we’ve got that covered, too!

When is The Division 2 beta release date?

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The Division 2 beta release date has been confirmed to launch on February 7, lasting up until February 10.

With The Division 2 due to be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15, this gives the developers just over a month to ensure that the game is in a stable launch state. 

Of course, this doesn’t leave much wiggle room for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to release the beta for their online role-playing game, get feedback from those who play it, iron out any bugs, and then prep the game for launch day. 

Here’s hoping that there will be enough time for people to play The Division 2 beta and provide any feedback to Ubisoft and Massive, so keep your eyes peeled for more information when we know it.

How to get a The Division 2 beta code

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Ubisoft has detailed that to get The Division 2 beta codes, players must pre-order the game. This is an opportunity available to PC, PS4, and Xbox One players, with no exclusive perks mentioned.

Though not yet confirmed, it’s possible that influencers and media outlets will also have The Division 2 beta codes to give away. Additionally, developers of the game may also be sharing codes on social media, as often seen in the past.

How to pre-load The Division 2

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If you’ve managed to get yourself a code, you probably want to know how to pre-load The Division 2 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t yet provided any information on when exactly each version of the Private Beta will be available for pre-load.

Don’t worry, however, as Ubisoft is usually pretty consistent with giving players a few days to download betas in advance. Expect to see pre-load availability announced on social media and across various gaming websites (including GameRevolution).

Is The Division 2 beta being extended?

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With The Division 2 Private Beta initially only lasting a few days, you might be hoping that Ubisoft would extend it, to give more players the chance to test out the servers and enjoy an early look at the gameplay on offer.

At the time of writing, Ubisoft hasn’t made any announcements regarding a beta extension. However, that is pretty normal, as most developers reveal it on the final day, or following any major downtime.

The good news is that it will be a The Division 2 beta weekend, meaning most of you should have at least a little time off to be able to play.

Is cross-play available in The Division 2 beta?

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The Division 2’s release across multiple platforms means that it could support cross-play. For the uninitiated, cross-platform play allows gamers to play in the same game, on the same game server, even if they own different consoles or PCs.

For example, an owner of a PS4 could theoretically game with their mate, who owns an Xbox One, and play The Division 2 beta together. Cross-play has been successful in other games such as Rocket League and Minecraft, so The Division 2 would be another perfect title to have this feature.

It’s a feature that plenty of fans would like to see, if you take these queries on the Ubisoft official forums and The Division 2 Reddit page into account. Ubisoft has made plenty of other titles available for cross-play, but all of those have been virtual reality (VR) games, such as Eagle Flight. So, could The Division 2 buck the trend and be one of a few — if not the first — non-VR Ubisoft titles to support this?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no it won’t. The Division 2 Twitter account revealed that cross-play support would not be available in the final game. If it isn’t possible in the finished article, it definitely won’t be part of the beta. There’s no point including something in the beta that won’t turn up in the final product.

You’ll just have to make sure that all of your friends buy the game on the same platform, if you want to play The Division 2 together. It’s disappointing, but we’ll have to live with it.

How do I report bugs I’ve found in The Division 2 beta?

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With The Division 2 beta now having a release date, you can expect to soon hear about how to go about submitting bug reports. 

There is, of course, the option to make threads on the Ubisoft support forums. If Ubisoft don’t make a dedicated page for fan feedback, you can always head to this link, start a thread (providing you have an account), and let the developers know what issues you’ve found. They can then make a note of them and fix them prior to release.

Betas are becoming commonplace in video games as developers give players the chance to run the rule over their latest titles. Parts of the unfinished game will be buggy, have things that need fixing, and much more. Giving an unfinished portion of the game to players mean that developers have a bigger resource pool at their disposal, and bugs and errors can be found more readily.

There’s only so much that QA testers can trial in-house, so fans can help developers to tweak their games before release day. The Division 2 will be no different so, like we wrote above, make sure you train your eyes on our site and social media accounts for more information when we have it.