The Division 2 story trailer promises that ‘History will Remember’

‘History will Remember’ was the poignant sentiment being teased before The Division 2 story trailer was released today and it seems like will be a fair amount going on to keep players busy before the game releases on March 15. The trailer also confirmed the dates for the next beta for players who have pre-ordered The Division 2.

The trailer sets the scene for the game; only a handful of survivors remain after the virus outbreak in the first game. Since then, a host of different faction have set up shop and now it’s up to you (and your friends) to sort everything out. The trailer warns of “religious outcasts” and “depraved fascists” that now rule the streets of Washington, suggesting that players will be taking on a nice little mixture of enemies, all with different motives. The footage doesn’t pull any punches either, showing off corpses that have been strung up as warnings to would-be aggravators, and early shots of people being beaten with bats, because it’s not a dystopian future without someone being hit with a baseball bat, right?

We also got a confirmed date for the second beta after the trailer confirmed that a private beta will begin from February 7. The beta will give players who have preordered The Division 2 another early look at what’s in store for them when they go about cleaning up the streets of Washington. The date had been accidentally leaked on the PS Store earlier today, with YouTuber LethalvD having shared the news just after Ubisoft’s tweet teased the trailer this morning.

Before today’s trailer, we had to make do with re-watching the handful of trailers that have sprung up since E3 last year, showing off a Washington DC that popped with color even while it still managed to look a little worse for wear, with calls for help just floating around on paper airplanes.

The Division 2 lands on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 15. Though, PC players will have to choose between Uplay and Epic Store if they want to play the game after the two signed an exclusivity agreement for all future Ubisoft titles, bad luck Valve.