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Black Ops 4 Gauntlet mode round challenges guide

Black Ops 4 has introduced a new Zombies-themed mode named Gauntlet as part of its 115 day celebration event. This mode differs from other Zombies modes, and comes equipped with Black Ops 4 Gauntlet round challenges to complete. What do you have to complete for each round? Find out with our Black Ops 4 Gauntlet mode round challenges guide.

What are the Black Ops 4 Gauntlet mode round challenges?

black ops 4 gauntlet mode round challenges guide

Gauntlet mode is the latest playlist added to Zombies and, like Classic mode, players start with 200 health. What sets it apart are the round-based challenges you have to complete in order to progress. The challenges for each round never change, but specific rules for each round can.

Players are rewarded for every 10 rounds they complete—a medal and calling card are given out for completing each round for the first time—but don’t think Gauntlet mode will be easy. There’s a three strikes rule being implemented in this playlist. This means that if players fail to complete the challenge or they’re downed by zombies, they’ll receive a strike to their name. Get three strikes, and it’s game over for your team.

There’s currently only one map available: It’s called Unsinkable, and it’s set on the Voyage of Despair map. Treyarch will add a second map into rotation later in January, and others down the line.

How many Black Ops 4 Gauntlet mode round challenges are there?

black ops 4 gauntlet mode round challenges completion

There are 30 rounds that players have to survive for, and they’ll have to complete challenges along the way. We’ve listed these challenges handily for you below, so you have an idea of what to expect from each.

  • Round 1 – Survive the round without taking any damage
  • Round 2 – Kill zombies with equipment only
  • Round 3 – Use melee to kill zombies
  • Round 4 – Survive the round with at least one active perk
  • Round 5 – Use the Essex Model 07 lever action rifle only
  • Round 6 – Activate the Sentinel artifact
  • Round 7 – Possess the Shield by the round’s end
  • Round 8 – Buying items is disabled for a round
  • Round 9 – Get a mystery box weapon
  • Round 10 – Defend the cargo hold while it is flooded
  • Round 11 – Open every door on the Unsinkable map
  • Round 12 – Survive a wave of crawling zombies
  • Round 13 – Possess a re-packed weapon by the end of the round
  • Round 14 – Complete the round with zero perks
  • Round 15 – Defend the poop deck
  • Round 16 – Only use the lever action rifle for kills
  • Round 17 – Take out zombies with headshots
  • Round 18 – Do not use any power-ups
  • Round 19 – Don’t take damage or your score will drain
  • Round 20 – Survive a stoker onslaught in the engine room
  • Round 21 – Make sure every player has a level 3 weapon
  • Round 22 – Kill catalyst zombies using the right ammo
  • Round 23 – Use your starting weapon to kill zombies
  • Round 24 – Kill zombies to replenish your health
  • Round 25 – Defend the forecastle with no special weapons
  • Round 26 – Complete the round before time runs out
  • Round 27 – Use the lever action rifle only
  • Round 28 – Disable your HUD
  • Round 29 – Pack-a-punched weapons are disabled
  • Round 30 – Clear the grand staircase to survive the match