Box art - Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Co-Op Split-screen | Is there local or online multiplayer?

Metro Exodusthe third game in the well-regarded FPS series, is out just next month, and it’s shaping up to be well worth the wait. There’s a lot to do in the game, with multiple open-world maps to explore, but is it entirely single-player? Is there Metro Exodus co-op, like the Far Cry series, or any other sort of local split-screen or online multiplayer modes? We’ve got the answers.

Is there Metro Exodus co-op multiplayer?

Metro Exodus is a huge game, with multiple mini-open world maps that can be freely explored. However, unfortunately it looks likely that the experience will be entirely a solo one. No form of multiplayer or online has been announced for Metro Exodus, not even a co-op mode to explore the Russian wasteland in pairs or groups. The game’s Steam page makes it clear that it’s entirely a single-player shooter.

This isn’t entirely surprising, as both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light were also single-player-only shooters. However, Metro Exodus will not be a short game. The current estimate is around 20-30 hours play time, possibly even more if you do everything in the game. However, if you were hoping to tackle the experience with friends you’re out of luck.

Are you on your own at all times in Metro Exodus?

This is not to say that Metro Exodus will be a lonely shooter. While you’ll never be accompanied by other players, occasionally you will get an AI ally to help you fight the mutants, gangs, and other hostile forces of the post-apocalyptic Russian countryside. This could be one of any number of members of your train group, including player character Artyom’s wife, Anna. Sometimes these characters snipe enemies from far away, other times they get right up close and personal. You’ll be doing most of the fighting though, guaranteed.