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The Division 2 PvP Mode – What is Conflict Mode multiplayer?

The Division 2 is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and there are numerous additions this time around compared to the original. This includes The Division 2 PvP, which has been revamped with two brand-new modes alongside the Dark Zones. Read on for the skinny on all things Division 2 Conflict. Find out all about Division 2 Skirmish and Division 2 Domination below.

What is The Division 2 Conflict Mode | Division 2 PvP

The Division 2 PvP Mode

Not content with just the Dark Zones (which have also been on the receiving end of a hefty update), Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have introduced a more refined Division 2 PvP approach when compared with the first game. The brand-new Conflict mode introduces two 4v4 online multiplayer options. These are Domination and Skirmish.

Both are 4v4 only and will be played across three stages exclusive to Conflict. You won’t find these maps anywhere else in the game. In both Domination and Skirmish, you will be placed in either a team of SHD or Rogue Agents, competing against each other. Conflict offers its own progression system, too. What’s more, anything you unlock while playing Conflict will unlock in the main game as well.

The Division 2 PvP Mode Conflict | Domination and Skirmish

The Division 2 PvP Mode

Conflict is available to play once you complete the prologue mission. This ensures that you will at least know something about the game’s systems before jumping into competitive PvP. Although there are only two different modes within Conflict (Domination and Skirmish), there should be enough differences between them to keep you interested until more modes are potentially added.

The two modes are as follows:


In Domination, you will have to capture locations. There will be three on the map in any game and both teams will be fighting for control. The longer a team controls a location, the more points they will accrue. The winning team is the first to 750 points.


The Division 2’s answer to Team Deathmatch. Both teams will have a respawn limit, and you’ll be killing your opponents until they are all depleted. If this isn’t possible, however, there is a time limit. The team with the highest number of respawns left will win if the time limit reaches zero. Both Skirmish and Domination feature chests containing power-ups and special ammunition that you can use to gain the advantage.