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Anthem PvP – Will Anthem have PvP?

Anthem, the latest game from BioWare, is due out a month from now, and yet there are still features we know nothing about. We don’t know how long or how deep the story is, we don’t know how much content there will be, and most importantly: will Anthem have PvP? At the moment the game seems entirely co-op-focused, or occasionally single-player, but always PvE and never Player versus Player. Will the game get PvP at launch, or will Anthem PvP be added later? We’ve got the answers.

Will Anthem have PvP?

PvP is a major thing for an online shooter to have, and it’s certainly present in pretty much every other similar online shooter out there, such as The Division or Destiny 2. However, BioWare has never shown any video of PvP in Anthem, and certainly hasn’t mentioned it when advertising them game. So, will there be PvP in the game?

Unfortunately for anyone craving that type of thing with the flying mech suits, it’s looking likely that there will not be PvP in Anthem… at least, not at launch. A fan asked the game’s executive producer Mark Darrah about PvP in the game and whether it’ll feature, and he simply replied that there would be no PvP in Anthem “at launch.”

Will Anthem PvP get added later?

BioWare are planning on supporting Anthem long-term, in much the same way Bungie supports Destiny, so new expansions, quests, challenges, and more will continue to be added as the game progresses. While it’s not absolutely guaranteed to be added, we can certainly expect some form of PvP to sneak into the game as a DLC expansion at some point. Most likely BioWare and EA will make a big deal out of it, too, or make it the focus of a whole expansion. Come February 22, however, you will not be able to find PvP in Anthem, so don’t buy it yet if you want it just for that.