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Atlas Fountain of Youth location – Where to find

Still looking for the Atlas Fountain of Youth location, eh? Those who are over the age of 90 in-game may want to turn up their hearing aids and get acquainted with which part of the map the Fountain of Youth is on in Atlas today. It’s the perfect way to stop aging in Atlas but, with the Fountain of Youth changing location literally five or six times a day, it’s tricky to keep track of it. Here’s how to find it.

What is the Atlas Fountain of Youth?

Atlas Fountain of Youth

Atlas sure does love to play around with its game mechanics. Case in point: players can age in the seafaring sim. But Davy Jones’ Locker doesn’t automatically await those over the age of 90. You’ll be given a Fountain of Youth to track down but, of course, that’s definitely easier said than done.

However, if you do get there, you get to roll back the years and become 20 years old, as well as receiving a nice stat boost:

  • 10% carry weight
  • 10% health
  • 10% health regen
  • 10% stamina
  • 10% stamina regen

These boosts can also be stacked if you drink from the Fountain of Youth each time you reach 90+.

Where is the Atlas Fountain of Youth location today?

Atlas Fountain of Youth

Thankfully, you won’t be tasked with finding a completely random location each and every time. Things have been narrowed down to eight potential grids on your map, with each one rotating in the following order roughly every four hours.

  • F8 (Low Desert)
  • G3 (Central Tundra)
  • H6 (Low Desert)
  • M12 (Eastern Temperate)
  • O7 (Western Tropics)
  • O14
  • C6
  • D12 (Western Temperate)

So, if it’s currently in one location, say H6, it’ll be at M12 next, then 07, and so on. When it gets to D12 it’ll revert back to F8 and continue the path anew.

As of February 4, 12 PM Eastern, the Atlas Fountain of Youth location is O7.