Resident Evil 2 Red Book | How to get the Red Jewel

The pesky Resident Evil 2 Red Book, huh? You’ve probably been lugging the Library item around for most of the early portions of the game, baffled as to where to use it and what to do with it. Fear not. We’ve got exactly where to use the Red Book to get the Red Jewel in Resident Evil 2 remake down pat. It’s all below, ready and waiting for you to stop scratching your head.

Resident Evil 2 Red Book location

resident evil 2 red book

Where else but the Library? When you first arrive at this open room, you’ll be on the gangways on the 3F overlooking the bookcases and tiled floors down below. Either crash through the planks on the other side from the way you came in or slide down the ladder. Head round to the door marked “Exit” and, to the table on your right, you’ll be able to pick up the Red Book.

Where to use the Resident Evil 2 Red Book to get the Red Jewel

Resident Evil 2 red book

Once you’ve discovered the Spade Key location, you’re going to want to head up to the Main Hall 2F and into the Waiting Room. Make sure you have the Red Book in your inventory as there won’t be an Item Box for you to use ahead.

Head through the Waiting Room door, turn left, and head through to the Art Room. Enter and start gawping at the statue at the end. That’s the Emperor Statue and the key to using the Red Book.

Grab the Statue’s Left Arm placed down on the table to the right side of the Emperor Statue and “Use” it on the place where its left arm should be. Then, interact with the left arm (now placed in the Emperor Statue) again and “Combine” the Red Book with the arm to create Left Arm With Book. “Use” that to trigger a mechanism and you’ll be given the Scepter, which you can then Examine and take the Red Jewel out of.

Resident Evil 2 red book

Didn’t make that connection to begin with? This is merely a shortcut to the real method of discovering it. Namely, head to the Safety Deposit Lockers, unlock locker 103 and get a Roll of Film which can you develop in the Darkroom in the West side of the building, by one of the Typewriter locations. It’ll uncover a photo of a familiar-looking statue holding a Red Book…

Resident Evil 2 red book