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Atlas kicked by BattlEye | Is there a ‘Client Not Responding’ fix?

Many of us have been logging into Atlas only to find that we have been kicked by BattlEye due to the Atlas Client Not Responding. What is the Atlas kicked by BattlEye bug? Is there a fix? It’s an annoying bug, so of course, you’ll be hoping that there is something you can do. That’s where we step in.

Atlas kicked by BattlEye | What’s the bug?

Atlas kicked by BattlEye

Some of us have been kicking from the game while playing Atlas. You may have received the message: “Kicked by BattlEye: Client Not Responding.” Some players have tried logging back in after being kicked only to find that Freeport servers are the only option. The issue is, once logged into a Freeport server, you will be spawned at your bed or claim, but you cannot interact with anything.

As detailed in this official forum thread, many reports of the issue have come in. Players have complained that (once logged back in after being kicked) their inventory closes itself, opening your Skills menu crashes the game, opening your Company menu forces you to create a new Company, and that you may even be forced to create a completely new character. It’s a bad bug for sure.

Atlas kicked by BattlEye | Client Not Responding fix

Atlas kicked by BattlEye

While there is no official fix as of writing, there does appear to be a fix that has worked for some players. As posted by laughing man on the Steam forums, the fix is a little complicated. Bear with us, however, and you might be playing Atlas normally again.

Follow these steps and hopefully Atlas will work for you normally:

  • Remove BattlEye from your Steam/Atlas folder via the uninstall.bat provided when you right click
  • Begin playing Atlas
  • Click “Join New Atlas,” not Rejoin
  • Choose the server that your current character is on, but don’t create a new character
  • Once logged in, kill your character in whatever way you see fit
  • Your map should now be green
  • Respawn at your home and get killed again
  • Respawn again and all should be fine

This convoluted fix has worked for some, but others have claimed that it doesn’t do the trick. Our advice? Try following the steps above. If that doesn’t work, try contacting the development team via the Atlas official support forum. Hopefully a fix via a patch will arrive soon.