When is The Promised Neverland episode 3 air date?

With all the confusion surrounding the anime last week, you’re probably eager to ensure that The Promised Neverland episode 3 air date is at a time that works for you. Thankfully, things are a lot more clearer this week. So, if you want to know what happens next in the House and when you can watch The Promised Neverland episode 3 subbed in English, then scroll on down below.

When is The Promised Neverland episode 3 air date?

You’d be forgiven for not having a clue about The Promised Neverland episode 3 air date. It’s been a rocky schedule, to say the least: The debut episode was on a Wednesday, while last week’s episode ended up on a Thursday in line with its Japanese release but seemed to drop on CrunchyRoll a lot later than most of its simulcast subbed shows, which typically drop at 11:30 AM Eastern/4:30 PM GMT. However, this week is a lot more clear-cut. Drumroll, please: The Promised Neverland episode 3 release date (subbed in English) is January 24 at 12:35 PM Eastern time.

For those on the West Coast that’s an early start of 9:35 AM Pacific and, if you find yourself across the pond in the UK, the The Promised Neverland episode 3 air date is 5:35 PM GMT. If you’re in Europe or further afield, be sure to check out the time zone converter for what time it drops in your region.

How to watch The Promised Neverland episode 3 subbed (English)

For those wanting the English subbed The Promised Neverland episode 3 release, as the children in the House make their eventual, hopeful escape, there’s only one way to watch it, and that’s on CrunchyRoll. So, once the time above ticks around, simply click on this page and refresh.

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